Lee's Contracting/Fabricating, Inc. delivers a comprehensive range of services all under one roof. We believe in focusing on the details and keeping our promises. Whether it's mechanical contracting, custom fabrication, welding, process piping to CNC machining, milling, and cutting - wastewater equipment fabrication to fall protection - we deliver customer satisfaction first.

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Process piping is a specialty of Lee's. Customers appreciate our extensive capabilities, from custom solutions (including dairy and food, steam, water, wastewater, and chemical) to professional installation. No job is too large or too small to receive prompt, personalized service.

  • Sanitary process piping
  • Steam and condensate piping
  • Water and wastewater piping
  • Chemical piping
  • ASME certified welding
  • Certified welding of structural steel

Lee's works with all materials, types and diameters of piping including stainless steel, carbon steel, PVC, and copper - process pipe fabrication and installation.

Is it time to replace the RO or UF membranes in your systems? Check out this short video to see how our unique pneumatic tool can do the job with ease.

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Let Lee's modern machine shop capabilities be part of the solution to your needs.

Lee's experience with CNC controlled machines enables us to expertly produce high quality work – whether it be turning, drilling, milling, shaping, boring, or cutting. Our expanded shop offers plenty of room to complete your jobs both big and small. Our focus on safety, through work procedures and proper machine maintenance, ensures our work complies too best practices.

Our OMAX Waterjet Cutting Center is ideal for long or short run part production, first time manufacturing and tooling, and prototype part development. It's the perfect tool for machining complex flat parts out of most materials, up to 8” thick as well as 13’4” x 6’8” in size. It can also achieve dynamic accuracy within +/-.005" directly from a CAD drawing or DXF file.

Lee's utilizes a Mazak Turning Center for lathing to ensure exceptional surface finishes, high accuracy turning, and high efficiency cutting. Our milling is done with a Mazak Vertical Machine Center. The multi-axis features allow for virtually limitless possibilities as to the part shapes that can be processed - large or small part machining.


We continually serve a variety of industries that require special tanks for holding and/or processing applications. Customers appreciate our full service approach, from design to fabrication to on-site installation … including all related piping. Any material. Any process. Indoor or out. Count on Lee’s for quality tank fabricating.

Custom Tank Examples
  • DAF tanks
  • Wastewater clarifiers
  • Water and wastewater storage tanks
  • Blowdown tanks
  • Condensate pump tanks
  • Automatic strainer tanks
Common Materials
  • Stainles steel
  • Carbon steel
  • Aluminum
Industries Served
  • Food processing
  • Dairy processing
  • Pulp and paper
  • Waste water
  • Municipal water


Lee's fall protection implementations allow your employees to work safety and efficiently in challenging environments. We provide solutions from basic railing and stair cases for new or existing implementations to custom work platforms for more involved situations such as safely accessing the top of bulk transports.

Our work platforms are a smart way to provide fall protection while increasing productivity. They are designed to effectively fit your space and enhance your operating efficiency - from fixed platforms to actuating both vertically and side to side, extending to operate at a safe distance from awaiting transports.

Regardless of your unique application, slip-resistant grating and non-slip decking ensures safe footing on all walking surfaces.

  • Designed to fit your operation
  • Economical solutions that work
  • Meets OSHA fall-protection standards
  • Helps prevent worker injury and lost productivity
  • Choice of materials
  • A complete start-to-finish service


At Lee’s, we pride ourselves in our quality welding services, from the custom solutions we fabricate in our 75,000+ square foot shop space to our field work performed at customer sites.

Lee’s has the expertise and experience to handle everything from simple weldments to complex welding projects with a variety of materials.

We qualify our welders in accordance with ASME Section IX. The following are examples of the certifications maintained in our continuity logs for specific welding requirements:

  • AWS D1.1 SMAW Structural
  • ASME 1X SMAW Carbon 2" Pipe
  • ASME 1X SMAW Carbon 6" Pipe
  • ASME 1X GTAW 304ss 2" Pipe
  • AWS D1.6 FCAW 304 SS
  • AWS D1.1 FCAW Carbon

Whether its stainless steel, steel carbon, aluminum or many other metals - we are confident we can perform the quality welding you need.


Our fabrication and installation services to the wastewater treatment industry have been both diversified and unique. Applications have ranged from odor containment / abatement to lift station upgrades and installations. The photos on these pages and examples below represent only a few of the projects recently completed.

  • Clarifiers
  • DAF Tanks
  • Grit Classifiers
  • Multi-Disk Presses
  • Polymer Make Down Systems
  • Fine Screens

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  • Proven experience
  • Custom solutions
  • Design to installation
  • Detailed craftsmanship
  • Prompt service


Lee’s puts safety first in everything we do. Just like protecting your employees at work with our fall protection solutions, we strive to maintain a safe environment for our employees as well.

Our goal is to keep everyone safe in the shop and at your site. Beyond proper protective gear and a well maintained shop, machinery, and tools - we talk safety in how to get the job done:

  • Tool talks
  • Job specific safety planning for both field and shop field work
  • Safety training through consultant presentations / workshops
  • Job safety audits and project reviews

Everyone wins when safety is no accident!


Along with creating quality process systems for our customers, Lee's has expertise in creating skid components. These allows us to build your system in our shop and easily transport it to you without disturbing your ongoing processing.

From food processing to wastewater treatments systems, our custom solutions shine. Whether we are designing for easy transport, layering components for a smaller footprint, making the layout more accessible to workers, or aligning process connections for easier plant connections - we've proven we can deliver with skid components.

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